Picking the Right Bedroom Wallpaper

You'll find endless options of wallpaper patterns to choose from on the internet. While each one may seem as appealing as the next, it makes sense to have a few key tips in mind before you finalize on the one that you need for your bedroom walls. If you are unsure about the texture or visualizing how big the pattern of the wall paper, then we suggest you to go down to an off-line store nearby. Things to note:

  • Look around your room and jot down its predominant style - the color, the furniture, the accessories and everything else.
  • Think of how you would want to re-do your space. Do you want to keep it simple and clean, or are you looking for something more elegant and contemporary? 
  • If you have some particular colors in mind, note them down too.
  • If you’ve got a bedroom with plain white walls, there’s actually a lot you can experiment with. However, as tempted as you might be to pick brighter and fresher colors, it is best to stick to pastel, cooler colors for your bedroom. The idea is to make your bedroom seem like a place of comfort and relaxation, and that may be a bit difficult if you’ve got bright orange and red.
  • Some studies have shown that having the color blue in your bedroom can help induce sleep- which makes it another great color choice to consider.
  • Still confused about what to settle down for? Pick delicate lines, simple textures, grainy patterns and earthy finish wallpapers- you can’t go wrong with them. Just keep in mind to pick something that would complement the style of your room, and not make it seem out of place.