Barasti Corner Lounger Sofa


Barasti Corner Lounger Sofa is well made and constructed using solid Teak wood. We particularly enjoy the lounger section of this sofa where the length of it will fit most adults legs and let you take a comfortable nap. The nice thing about corner sofa such as this, is space efficiency. No dead corner space! Definitely a good way to upgrade your patio, porch, or poolside area. 


Overall product dimension on set: (W)297 cm x (D)190 cm x (H)62 cm  

Individual dimensions:

  • Lounger (W)70 cm  x (D)110 x (H)40
  • Single Seat (W)70 x (D)78 x (H)62
  • Right Arm Corner Seat (W)78 x (D)78 x (H)62
  • Left Arm Corner Seat (W)78 x (D)78 x (H)62
  • Coffee Table (W)120 x (D)60 x (H)45 
Care and Maintenance  

Dust with a soft, dry cloth. Blot spills immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Avoid the use of furniture polish, harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners.

  • Product Code: 90044
  • Overall Product Dimension: (W)297 cm x (D)190 cm x (H)62 cm 
  • Individual dimensions:
    • Lounger (W)70 cm  x (D)110 x (H)40
    • Single Seat (W)70 x (D)78 x (H)62
    • Right Arm Corner Seat (W)78 x (D)78 x (H)62
    • Left Arm Corner Seat (W)78 x (D)78 x (H)62
    • Coffee Table (W)120 x (D)60 x (H)45 
  • Solid Teak wood frames & structures
  • High quality cushions
  • This bundle includes 5 components: 1 lounger, 2 single seats, 1 Right Arm Corner Seat, 1 Left Arm Corner Seat, and 1 Coffee Table
  • 12.400.000,00